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Version: 1.0

Shelly Pro Dual Cover PM

Shelly Pro Dual Cover PM provides control of 2 covers (motorized garage doors, window blinds, roof skylights, etc.) with built-in power meters to instantaneously measure the power and consumed energy. Each cover may be controlled individually and supports the use of automatic timers, webhooks, and schedules.

The following components are available in Shelly Pro Dual Cover PM:


The UI component handles the settings of a Pro Dual Cover PM device's screen.


The UI component does not own any status properties.

Example status object


The configuration of the UI component allows you to set the idle screen brightness.


  • idle_brightness: number, brightness of the screen when idle in percents. Range of values: [0-100]
Example configuration object
"idle_brightness": 30

UI.SetConfig example

curl -X POST -d '{"id":1, "method": "Ui.SetConfig", "params": {"config": { "idle_brightness":10}}}}' http://${SHELLY}/rpc