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Getting Started


Secure API for controlling Shelly devices through our cloud is available. Every registered user of the Shelly Cloud application can use this API to control hers/his devices.

Visit to setup your account and devices, or use the mobile Shelly Cloud application.

With this API you can execute commands and change device settings.


  • Active account for Shelly Cloud app
  • Your Shelly devices to be included into the app

Currently API calls are limited to one per second

Authorization key

You can generate an authorization key in the app in User settings->Authorization cloud key


Do not share your Authorization key with anyone. Whoever has this key can control your Shelly devices.


The key will change if you change your password.

Server URI

A user account is assosiated with a server in our cloud infrastructure. Using this API requires knowing the host on which the user is a tenant of. The host is subject to change and is not guaranteed, as capacity considerations might lead to relocating tenants between cloud hosts.

The server uri can be obtained on the same page where the authorization key is generated


OAuth based authentication is also possible. Take a look at Real Time Events section for more information