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Version: 0.14


The second generation of Shelly devices, called Shelly-NG, is finally here. These devices use faster processor, have more memory, and perform better than the classic Shelly devices. They support Bluetooth Low Energy feature which makes the task of provisioning much easier. Shelly-NG standardizes the user interfaces, solves many problems with the API consistency, and provides more structures used as base building blocks of the new API.

On this page, you can see the structure of our documentation and choose the topics you need. We hope you find it useful!


When reading this documentation, you will encounter some text, put in <placeholder>s (for example <component>). This means that the <placeholder> (here, again <component>) must be replaced by some value. For example, in the given case <component> may be replaced by cloud.


Throughout the documentation the placeholder <shelly-id> is commonly used. It must be replaced by the corresponding shellydevicemodel-XXXXXXXXXXXX string, for example shellypro4pm-f008d1d8b8b8.