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Version: 0.14


In the Components and Services section, you can find information for all possibly available (may differ, depending on the device/device profile) Components and Services.

Each Component/Service page in here is structured as follows:


All Components always contain the following methods:

  • Component.SetConfig
  • Component.GetConfig
  • Component.GetStatus

Services may not have GetConfig/SetConfig or GetStatus.

Additionally, component-specific methods are listed on each page.

More information on how to work with those methods can be found in:


Each Component, would have a configuration, available through GetConfig and SetConfig.

Configuration for Services is optional.


Each Component, would have a status, available through GetStatus.

Status for Services is optional.

Webhook Events

Components may trigger web hook events. If such are available, for the specific component, they would be documented in the Webhook Events section.


Notifications are a concept that handles events and status changes.

Each component and service, may support those.

The core ones are:

1) config_changed - when a configuration (Component.GetConfig) is changed (mostly via Component.SetConfig):

"component": "switch:0",
"id": 0,
"event": "config_changed",
"restart_require": false,

2) State changes - when a state (in Component.GetStatus) changes:

"id": 0,
"output": true,
"source": "WS_in"

Component specific articles, where needed

Some components, may introduce their own concepts and require explanation on how they work. For such cases, there would be separate component specific articles.


Examples are a list of requests (with specific methods and parameters), shown together with responses.