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Version: 0.14

Shelly Plus WallDimmer

Shelly Plus WallDimmer is a device that can dim light. It has a touch slider and button to control the light.

The following components are available in Shelly PlusWallDimmer:


The WD_UI component handles the settings of a Plus WallDimmer device's LEDs.


The WD_UI component does not own any status properties.

Example status object


The configuration of the WD_UI component allows you to confgure dimmer's LEDs behavior.


  • sys_led_enable: boolean, enable or disable system activity led
  • power_led: string, led mode related to output state. Valid choises are [on, off, match_output, inverted_output]
  • on: power led is always on
  • off: power led is always off
  • match_output: power led is on when dimmer is on
  • inverted_output: power led is on when dimmer is off
Example configuration object
"sys_led_enable": true,
"power_led": "match_output"

WD_UI.SetConfig example

curl -X POST -d '{"id":1, "method": "WD_UI.SetConfig", "params": {"config": { "sys_led_enable":true, "power_led":"on"}}}}' http://${SHELLY}/rpc