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Version: 0.14

Shelly Pro 4 PM

Shelly Pro 4 PM is a four-channel device with a wide range of functionalities. Each channel may be controlled individually and supports the use of automatic timers, webhooks, and schedules. The device has four built-in power meters to instantaneously measure the power and energy consumed by each channel.

The following components are available in Shelly Pro 4 PM:


Since version 0.9.0

The UI component handles the settings of a Pro4PM device's screen.


The UI component does not own any status properties.

Example status object


The configuration of the UI component allows you to set the idle screen brightness.


  • idle_brightness: number, brightness of the screen when idle in percents. Range of values: [0-100]
Example configuration object
"idle_brightness": 30

UI.SetConfig example

curl -X POST -d '{"id":1, "method": "Ui.SetConfig", "params": {"config": { "idle_brightness":10}}}}' http://${SHELLY}/rpc