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Shelly BLU Button

Short device name: SBBT-002C

Functional description

The device transmits BLE advertising packets when button is pressed (1 or more times).

Device specific features

Beacon mode

If active, the device will periodically send single advertising packets. This can be used for presence detection, and for connecting to the device. Connection is only possible from a paired devices, or if pairing mode is active.

Beacon mode enabledcb9e957e-952d-4761-a7e1-4416494a5bfabyte1Read, Write bonded, write without response bondedEnables periodic broadcast (Required for button buzzer)

Activate Buzzer

It is possible to activate the buzzer remotely (find my device function) from a paired device in the radio range. The Beacon mode must be enabled for this function to work. The buzzer will stop by itself after 30 seconds.

Activate Buzzer5b026510-4088-c297-46d8-be6c736a087bbyte1Read, Write bonded, write without response bondedWrite 0x01 to start, 0x00 to stop

Buzzer enable/disable

Buzzer enableddd78bf35-7680-484e-ad86-1bc1e7738e14byte1Read, Write bonded, write without response bondedWrite 0 to disable buzzer

Multiclick speed (0-5)

The accepted delay between clicks (in order to be recognized as multiclicks) can be adjusted by writting to the characteristic below.

Multiclick speed35c8a5e2-1cac-4b03-8386-eb6846a1776ebyte1Read, Write bonded, write without response bonded(0-5) [800, 550, 300, 150, 90, 55] miliseconds delay

BTHome sensor data objects

idnamedata typescale factordescription
0x00packet iduint81revolving counter
0x01batteryuint81battery level in percent (0-100)
0x3Abuttonuint161button press event

Button press events

0xFEbutton hold0x3AFE