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Shelly BLU Door Window

Short device name: SBDW-002C

Functional description

This device detects window state using a reed switch. If open event is detected, it is immediately reported, and after 2 seconds, the angle from the closed position is measured, and is reported if not zero.

Device specific features

Beacon mode

If active, the device will send periodically single advertising packets with the last status. This can be used for example for illuminance reporting.

Beacon mode enabledcb9e957e-952d-4761-a7e1-4416494a5bfabyte1Read, Write bonded, write without response bondedEnables periodic broadcast of device status

BTHome sensor data objects

idnamedata typescale factordescription
0x00packet iduint81revolving counter
0x01batteryuint81battery level in percent (0-100)
0x05illuminanceuint240.01illuminance measured in lux
0x2Dwindowuint811 - open, 0 - closed
0x3Abuttonuint161button press event
0x3Frotationsint160.1rotation in degrees from the closed position

Button press events

0x01single press0x3A01
0xFEbutton hold0x3AFE