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Shelly BLU H&T (Humidity and temperature sensor)

Short device name: SBHT-003C

Functional description

The device emits BTHome data packets every 1 minute with the currently measured sensor values.

Device specific features

There are no device specific settings. Beacon mode is always active. It is the main function of the device.

BTHome sensor data objects

idnamedata typescale factordescription
0x00packet iduint81revolving counter
0x01batteryuint81battery level in percent (0-100)
0x2Ehumidityuint81humidity in %
0x3Abuttonuint81button press event (Only when button is pressed)
0x45temperaturesint160.1temperature in °C

Button press events

0x01single press0x3A01
0xFEbutton hold0x3AFE